The MKFoodFest is held at The Pavilion, which is a public area privately managed on behalf of Middleton Parish Council. As such, it is open access to all members of the public and accessible from several  footpaths and redways. The footpaths are suitable for wheelchair and pushchair access and the short cut grass and firm ground (weather permitting) can also be accessed by wheelchair and pushchair. It should be noted, however, that the ground is uneven and those with mobility issues and visual impairment should take particular care, especially when not on the footpath.

Toilets & Baby Changing

Because it is an open space, it has limited facilities, but portable toilets are in place during the day of the festival, including one which is suitable for disabled access. Some toilet facilities are also available within the pavilion itself. There is no specifically provided baby changing areas but there is plenty of open space on which a change mat can be laid down.


The park is open to dog walkers at all time. We do ask that dogs are kept on a lead and under control around the food areas and in crowded areas, and that any mess is removed from site.

Car parking

There are a number of temporary car parking areas set up during the course of the festival and there is disabled car parking available in the public car park close to the pavilion..


Because the venue is an open space, smoking is permissible however, it is illegal to smoke in covered areas and we request that smokers exhibit courtesy to other visitors and avoid smoking near people eating and drinking. Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground.


There will be a number of bins provided across the site during the event and we ask visitors to avoid dropping litter or discarding empty containers and bottles. There is limited provision for recycling. Although we appreciate that visitors will wish to dispose of food soiled packaging on site, we ask that as much other rubbish as possible is taken home for disposal to make site cleansing at the end of the day by our volunteers as straight forward as possible.